Independent Truckers

We are always looking for top owner/operators for projects throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington / Baltimore Metro area.

Full-Time Independent Truckers

Whether you work by the trip, rental, tonnage, spot haul, back haul or any combination thereof, become a member of our Full-Time Team of Truckers.

  • Work every weekday and many Saturdays.
  • Seldom miss a day due to weather.
  • Your round work.

Part-Time and Backup Truckers

Sign up to be part of our Team of Back-up Truckers. Anytime you are looking for work, we will do our very best to find something for your truck(s) to do

Backup Truckers:

  • Utilize us when they have a break in their schedule
  • Call us for spot hauls, back hauls, or other work
  • Count on us to find work for their trucks!

We encourage truckers in the area to stay in-touch with us for spot hauling and back hauling throughout the day. We hire truckers by the ton, by the load or by the hour.

Top Rates / Prompt Weekly Pat

ReAgg Aggregate Supplier Career Opportunities Independent Truckers

Types of Trucks Needed

Tri-Axels & Quads
Hard Body & Tonnage Dump Trucks
Centipedes & Dump Trailers
Roll-off Trucks & Dump Trailers


Prompt Pay
Top Rates
Steady Year Round Work

Please make certain your contact information is correct and give us a phone number for you or someone on your behalf. We will contact you within 48 hours. All of your information will be held in strict confidence.

We are a bilingual company. Somos una empresa bilingüe…..

To Get Started

  • To get started we will need the following:
  • An approved certificate of insurance
  • Your complete contact information
  • A great work ethic!

Interested parties should submit their contact information and driving experience to:

Or  contact our Dispatch department at (301) 499-1400

We use E-Verify as part of our application process.

Hiring Independent Truckers Hauling Aggregates Baltimore

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